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Hash Notepad++

When just getting the job done is work enough, the last thing you need is to waste time having to learn yet another computer application. Your experience with other tools should be relevant to each new application, making it possible to sit down and use ...

Shareware  1,640k 896 Hash Worldwide Technology
Hash Suite

Hash Suite

Hash Suite is a very efficient auditing tool for Windows password hashes (LM, NTLM, and Domain Cached Credentials also known as DCC or MSCash).It is very fast, yet it has modest memory requirements even when attacking a million of hashes at once.The GUI is simple, ...

Shareware  15,141k 771 Hash Suite Software

FlyingBit Hash Calculator

FlyingBit Hash Calculator is an add-in for the OS shell allowing you to find out the hash sum of any file right from the context menu of the system. Now you do not have to run a special program, select the Open menu item and ...

Freeware    489 FlyingBit Software
Hash Manager

Hash Manager

The software for recovering passwords to hashes. Supports over 450 hashing algorithms. Contains over 70 additional utilities for handling hashes, passwords, and dictionaries. Optimized for working with large hash lists. Comes in 64-bit version, which is much faster on many algorithms. Supports unlimited number of ...

Freeware  22,843k 490 InsidePro Software
Hash HTML Mail Sender

Hash HTML Mail Sender

HMP is a unique program for sending e-mails. The program provides safe, easy and fast way for direct mailing. It saves your time (i.e. money) by sending several messages simultaneously. HMP is a powerful tool for personalized mass mailing. Read on to understand the advantages ...

Shareware  1,661k 1037 Hash Worldwide Technology
Hash FLV to Mp3 Converter

Hash FLV to Mp3 Converter

Hash FLV to MP3 Converter is one freeware that can perfectly extract audio data from FLV video and convert to MP3 audio format, the conversion is high speed and the output MP3 file have as same as good quality with the source Flash file, the ...

Shareware  456k 920 Hash Worldwide Technology


Dp Hash 1.0 is the succession from my DPASHA. This program supported at this time the following hash: adler32, crc16, crc24, crc32, crc64, EDonkey, MD2, MD4, MD5, SHA, SHA1, SHA256, SHA384, SHA512, Sapphire, Panama, Tiger, RipeMD128, RipeMD160, RipeMD256, RipeMD320, Haval128, Haval160, Haval192, Haval224, Haval256, Whirlpool, ...

Freeware  440k 728 Paehl

Hash Codes

Hash data from keyboard, file or CD/DVD.Features: - Hash data from keyboard, file or CD/DVD - Uses Adler32, CRC32, CRC64, GOST, HAVAL, MD2, MD4, MD5, MD6, SHA-0, SHA-1, SHA-1-IME, SHA-224, SHA-256, SHA-384, SHA-512, RIPEMD-128, RIPEMD-160, RIPEMD-256, RIPEMD-320, TIGER and Whirlpool algorithm - Copy hash codes ...

Freeware  433,050k 472 hashcodes.com

Advanced File Hash

Advanced File Hash is a free security tool to calculate and check files integrity with most common hash functions (MD5, SHA-1, SHA256, SHA384, SHA512, CRC32). Simply add your files, choose the hash type you prefer, then copy the values to the clipboard.

Freeware  1,096k 628 jacosoft.herobo.com

Easy Hash

Easy Hash is a hash generator. It supports more than 130 hash algorithms for both files and messages.

Freeware  738k 666 ziin.pl

Download Hash Verifier

DownloadHashVerifier is a FREE tool to verify the integrity of your downloaded file. It makes file hash verification easier and quicker with its smart features such as ?Auto Hash Detection?, ?Drag & Drop File?, ?Instant copy from Clipboard? etc

Freeware  1,853k 859 securityxploded.com

febooti fileTweak Hash and CRC

febooti fileTweak Hash & CRC is a free and useful hash / CRC calculator. Compute hash fingerprint / CRC checksum from any provided file.

Freeware  264k 416 febooti.com

Quick Hash GUI

A Linux and Windows GUI to enable the rapid selection and subsequent hashing of files, either individually or recursively throughout a folder structure, text and (on Linux) disks. Designed for Linux, but also available for Windows. SHA1, SHA256, SHA512 and MD5 available and all output ...

Freeware  93k 465 quickhash.sourceforge.net

.hash utilities

Small utility collection for .hash files. The .hash file format is used by the Encase application for storing MD5 hash values. The utilities include conversion (NSRL -> .hash, Hashkeeper -> .hash) and viewer programs.

Freeware  16k 454 hashutilities.sourceforge.net

Compare by hash

A CLI program for Linux to allow users to list, rename or remove duplicate files by means of a hash list. It also stores the file size which is a very fast way to check if the file differs.

Freeware  14k 422 hash-compare.sourceforge.net

Cuckoo hash map

Hash map with standard interface that implements cuckoo hashing in the form of template container. Works faster and needs less memory than standard implementations of maps and hash maps.Has standard hash map interface.

Freeware  160k 489 cuckoo-cpp.sourceforge.net
Files Hash code Verifier

Files Hash code Verifier

A Security tool that will help to verify the hash codes of files .Currently,Our Hash Code verifier tool supports the following Hash types:MD5,SHA,CRC32.More details about the tool can be found in the project homepage.

Freeware  264k 476 projects.breakthesecurity.com

Hash Monster

A versatile gui and console application capable of generating and comparing hashes using a variety of popular hashing libraries. Supports md2, md4, md5, ripemd160, sha0, sha1, sha224, sha256, sha384, sha512 and many moreSupports all of the SHA-3 candidate algorithms that have advanced to the final ...

Freeware  111k 414 hashmonster.sourceforge.net

Hash Password Generator

Hash Password Generator can use your own simple rules to generate a MD5 or SHA256 hash. The generated hash can be used as your password, it is very strong and safe.This web app written in HTML5 and Javascript, 100% free and open source.

Freeware  6k 590 hashpassword.sourceforge.net

Recursive Hash Sort implementation

Hash Sort is a form distribution sorting algorithm when tested it has an O(N) characteristics in most cases. The trade off is memory for space. Here is a very fast optimized recursive implementation of the hash sorting algorithm.

Freeware  64k 823 rehashsort.sourceforge.net

Hash It

HashIt is a little but fast tool to calculate the MD5 and SHA-1 hashes of a file. It works on Windows 98, Me, 2000, XP and Vista. You can add it to right-click context menu in Windows explorer so that you can quickly right-click on ...

Freeware  48k 334 trishtech.com

MD5summer - Win MD5 file hash utility

The MD5summer is a GUI application for generating and verifying MD5 checksums of files. Entire directory structures can be summed recursively. Input and output files are compatible with those of the GNU md5sum application.

Freeware  475k 652 md5summer.org


WinSafe is a powerful but easy to use encryption program. You can encrypt your files using strong cryptography algorithms like Blowfish, CAST, SAFER-SK128, Twofish and more. It lets you choose from 28 different algorithms! The password used to encrypt your files is first encrypted and ...

Shareware  4,420k 1313 PBNSOFT


By Softcomplete Development. HashTrie is a new highly efficient data structure for fast searching. It combines in itself properties of the hash-tables and trie (digital-trees). As against the usual hash-tables the size of HashTrie is not fixed which allows it to work with an unknown ...

Freeware  101k 900 SoftComplete Development
QuickHash Library

QuickHash Library

A fast, highly optimized implementation of hash and checksum algorithms: MD2, MD4, MD5, SHA-1, SHA-2(256,384,512), RIPEMD(128,160,256,320), PANAMA, TIGER, CRC-32, CRC-16, CRC-CCITT, ADLER32. The library allows to calculate hashes (message digests), checksums and HMACs for files, memory blocks, strings, blobs, streaming data. It is quick, flexible, ...

Shareware  660k 1622 SlavaSoft Inc


Free calculator to compute multiple hashes, checksums and HMACs for files, text and hex strings. It allows to calculate hash (message digest), checksum and HMAC values based on the most popular algorithms: MD2, MD4, MD5, SHA1, SHA2 (SHA256, SHA384, SHA512), RIPEMD160, PANAMA, TIGER, CRC32, ADLER32, ...

Freeware  440k 2082 SlavaSoft Inc


Free command line utility for file multi-checksum generation and verification. It allows to create/verify popular file hashes/checksums: MD2, MD4, MD5, SHA-1, SHA-2(256,384,512), RIPEMD-160, PANAMA, TIGER, CRC-32, ADLER32, and the message digest used in eMule/eDonkey (ed2k) software. Its most common use is checking files for corruption ...

Freeware  80k 1108 SlavaSoft Inc


Iside compares files and folders by computing their hash code (MD5,SHA1,CRC32,...). Right click on a file, select Copy and by right clicking on another file you will discover if the two files are equal. Includes file comparison, hash generating tool plus a complete folder comparison ...

Shareware  860k 1128 LittleLite Software
CommuniCrypt QuickHasher

CommuniCrypt QuickHasher

With CommuniCrypt QuickHasher you can create a Hash value of a file or verify the authenticity of a file with an existing hash value. QuickHasher uses the modern SHA-2 Hash with 256 bit. The outdated MD5 is not supported. Requires VB6 runtime!

Freeware  918k 979 CommuniCrypt Software
Hpmbcalc Hex Calculator

Hpmbcalc Hex Calculator

This is a programmable multiple-precision hex calculator with many utilities for you to perform a lot of big number math operations. Key Features: 1. Standard hex calculator: basic math operations; Hex/Dec/Oct/Bin conversions; byte/operand swaps; square root, Jacobi symbol calculations. 2. Scripting host and automation: VBScript ...

Shareware  1,494k 1664 Hexprobe System
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